Bottomless Toy Chest plays Santa to kids with cancer at Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Bottomless Toy Chest plays Santa to kids with cancer at Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Being in the hospital is no fun for anyone. Being in the hospital during the holidays is a drag. If you’re a kid, being in the hospital then is, well, beyond yucky.

For kids hospitalized with cancer there is no choice.

To give these kids a holiday to remember, on Dec. 7 Santa’s helpers at The Bottomless Toy Chest delivered “Tons of Toys” to children who are cancer patients at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. They each got a brand new holiday gift filled with fun, love and joy straight from the North Pole.

We wanted to share a few few pictures that show that fun, love, joy and sometime awe with you.

“Something as simple as a new toys will make the ordeal these brave children face every day just a little easier and can give them the will and strength the fight back,” says Mickey Guisewite, founder and executive director of The Bottomless Toy Chest. “It is also my hope and prayer that these new toys will also make the holiday season a bit brighter for these children and their families.”

When you’re a kid with cancer even your gifts need special attention. Volunteers wrapped each toy in cellophane and ribbon to keep them clean for children with weakened immune systems. The clear wrap also let kids select from an array of choices, giving them a sense of control in a hospital environment. That, in itself, is a gift for kids who are under a great deal of physical and emotional distress and feel they have no control.

The mission of nonprofit The Bottomless Toy Chest is to lift the spirits and promote a positive state of mind in young cancer patients by providing them with engaging, empowering activities while they are going through treatment. The Bottomless Toy Chest delivers toys to 11 hospitals throughout Michigan, Ohio, Georgia and Pennsylvania.





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