‘I Forgive You’ stage play will raise money for house for pregnant teenage girls

‘I Forgive You’ stage play will raise money for house for pregnant teenage girls

It’s the kind of night on the town people dream of all week – have an early dinner followed by a trip to the theater.

On Saturday, October 21 you can do just that and help pregnant teenage girls at the same time.

The Youth Community Agency has partnered with Mogul Life to raise money for a house for young pregnant women by putting on the show “I Forgive You.”

The play will be at Impact Church, 12844 Elmdale St. in Detroit, and will raise money for a house for the pregnant women from the Youth Impact Agency. Although there are shelters in the city of Detroit, not many have vacancies for teenage mothers while they are with child or after the child is born.

Impact was chosen as the location because it is Ross’s home church, which helped keep the costs down.

When the home is purchased, Rodshena Ross, CEO and founder of Youth Community Agency, will educate the young women on prevention, supply resources and help them rebuild their confidence.

“If we invest in our youth now we can have a greater future because they are our future,” Ross says.

Ross wrote and produced the play, which is a continuation of her book Confessions of Restoration. It is based on her life and struggles, many of the kinds of things people ignore, and deals with the importance of forgiveness for those who cause problems and distress in your life.

All the money raised goes to purchasing a house.  The goal is to find a duplex, or possibly a single family home, with a living room, dining room, basement, and three or four bedrooms.

Ross wantsenough room forsix girls at a time and their kids as well as place big enough to work with them as she help them move successfully forward in life.

The group is currently eyeing property in Southwest Detroit since it is close to several schools that focus on pregnant girls.  Many of them come from Promise School.

This is just one of the more ambitious programs done by the Youth Community Agency.  Among their other programs is Thanksgiving Baskets,which collects food for the expected mothers.

The play takes place on Saturday, October 21. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. The play begins at 6:30 p.m.

Sponsors of the event include Mogul Life Inc., Trinkets & Such, Roche Beauty, Young Kingz Clothing, Better Made chips and Bella Donna Clothing.

Tickets can be purchased for $20 ahead of time at www.iamyca.weebly.com.  They are $25 at the door.

If you can’t make the show, there are ways to help.  You can give money directly on the website.  The group is also looking for donations from small businesses, especially hardware stores that can provide what is needed to fix up the future home.

The Youth Community Agency, formerly known as Artist Venue Non-Profit Organization, was established in 2013 by Ross. Its focus is empowering and uplifting youth and communities.

“I created Youth Community Agency to encourage other entrepreneurs and organizations to give back to the Detroit community to show the importance of investing in our youth,” she says on the website. “If we plant seeds on solid soil this gives us a great chance at a wonderful harvest for the future.”

If you would like a copy of Ross’s book please click here. The cost is $15 and it will be shipped to your doorstep.

Visit www.iamyca.weebly.com for more information on the Youth Community Agency.






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