More reasons to #LiveLoveDetroit

More reasons to #LiveLoveDetroit

These days it’s hard to travel far in just about any area of the city without seeing signs of new development. There’s so much it’s often hard to keep track.

In May TheHUB launched an ongoing series called “Living In and Loving Detroit Neighborhoods” (#LiveLoveDetroit) that examines what forms of development are sprouting up and the sectors of Detroit being most impacted. Among other topics, the series shines a spotlight on strategies for new and affordable housing, efforts to keep communities attractive and livable for the long-time Detroiters who’ve sustained them through thick and thin, job potential and small business and contractor opportunities, particularly for women and business owners of color.

District 2 resident Jay Meeks in his Martin Park neighborhood near Marygrove College. Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

This edition includes our summer installment, which delves into District 2’s activities. Led by the resident-driven efforts of grassroots visionaries like Lauren Hood, co-director of Live6, and devoted entrepreneurs like Jevona Watson, this is the only community that co-mingles west side neighbors with students in two closely located higher education institutions – Marygrove College on the west side of the neighborhood and the University of Detroit Mercy to the east.

What successes and obstacles have Hood and Watson experienced while developing an area where they’ve both lived and worked? What are the common interests or conflicts between a university’s mission and the needs of a subdivision that surrounds it?

August’s installment of the series will answer these questions and more.

Ardent advocates of Detroit’s District 2 include (from left): Marvin Beatty, principal, Magic Plus, LL, Fitzgerald residents Gaston Nash and Stephanie Harbin and Lauren Hood, Live6 Alliance co-director. Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

There’s also coverage of ongoing major redevelopment at a place most residents of Southeast Michigan and neighboring areas recognize as former site of the historic Michigan State Fairgrounds. Other projects we found are much more modest in scope and in the investments being made by developers, but no less significant in the grand scheme for their potential to improve the overall quality of life in Detroit.

Even removing the State Fairgrounds redevelopment’s $1 billion cost estimate, total investments currently in the District 2 pipeline come to approximately $78 million. While we found District 2 has fewer residential projects underway than District 5, our first series installment’s focus, the mix of needs and demands from the community is more broad and diverse.

Diversity is, of course, one of the many great things these neighborhoods have to offer. It’s also yet another reason to #LiveLoveDetroit.

See more of TheHUB’s #LiveLoveDetroit coverage on Detroit’s District 2:

More reasons to #LiveLoveDetroit

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