State child support payment program enlists drugstore

State child support payment program enlists drugstore

Getting much-needed financial resources to Michigan’s children can be as simple as a trip to the drug store. With countless households throughout the state impacted by income challenges, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has expanded its PayNearMe child support payment initiative to include CVS Pharmacy locations.

Launched through its Michigan State Disbursement Unit in 2016, the electronic cash transaction network allows state child support to be paid in cash at 550 Michigan stores and 17,000 7-Eleven and Family Dollar locations. CVS’ addition to the program lets parents use an additional 250 stores in the state and 8,000 nationwide – which is expected to increase the $1.3 million issued through PayNearMe since the end of April.

“Children are receiving the support that they need and deserve more quickly as a result of the convenient payment options at the stores where they shop,” said Erin Frisch, director of the Office of Child Support within MDHHS. “Expansion of this service to CVS Pharmacy® is exciting because it creates more opportunities for payment that will benefit children and families.”

To find the nearest payment location, parents can visit

The process is simple:

1.         Visit the website and select the “Cash Payment” option.

2.         Enter requested account information on the PayNearMe® website.

3.         Select whether they want the payment code sent to their phone or printed out.

4.         Choose from the list of payment locations closest to them.

5.         Visit the store and provide both the payment code and cash to the cashier.

Customers pay a $1.99 convenience fee and PayNearMe® payments can take up to three business days to post, just like other electronic payments made by a customer.

To better help parents provide for their children, MDHHS works collaboratively with local agencies, courts, county health and human services entities, employers and various state and federal agencies.

The Michigan State Disbursement Unit within the MDHHS Office of Child Support, known as MiSDU, is the state’s centralized payment processing center for collecting and distributing support payments.

While a majority of payments made to MiSDU are made by employers on behalf of their employees, a significant number of parents still pay support on their own. Customers can pay online, by phone or by mail using a credit card, check or money order.

Many customers pay by cash or money orders. Also, many customers have transportation or other challenges making it difficult for them to visit the local Friend of the Court office. With this new service these customers will now have a more convenient way to pay their child support with cash at a participating retail location near them or anywhere in the nation.

For more information about this and other payment options, or to make a payment online, visit

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