Busch’s Food Market, partners donate 420,000 meals to Forgotten Harvest for those in need this holiday

Busch’s Food Market, partners donate 420,000 meals to Forgotten Harvest for those in need this holiday

There is no better reminder that it is the season of
giving than seeing the Salvation Army collectors as you walk into the grocery
store to purchase food you are fortunate enough to afford.

However, Busch’s
Fresh Food Market
did not stop at allowing a charitable church
to collect patron’s change outside their doors. It took part in the 11th annual
Forgotten Harvest’s
Season of Sharing food drive and raised $60,136 for those who too often have to
do without.

The story does not end at a simple cash donation.  Along with its partners in the Season of
Sharing – Miller’s Poultry, Dean’s Dairy, Gourmet International, KeHESolutionsand UNFI
(United Natural Foods) – Busch’s has donated 424,000 meals.  That is roughly the equivalent of $106,000.
In addition, Busch’s in association with Millers Poultry are donating more 6,700
pounds of fresh chicken this holiday season.

For many families in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties,
as well as the 260 agency partners Forgotten Harvest delivers to, this will be
the difference between happy or heartbreaking holidays.

are very thankful for Busch’s support over the years and especially during the
holiday season,” says Kirk Mayes, CEO of Forgotten Harvest. “Our relationship
with Busch’s is truly priceless, and provides us with more resources to fight
hunger in metro Detroit.”

The donations from Busch’s are hardly a result of holiday
guilt.  It is a daily affair, as each
morning, employees set aside food for donation that may not be “sale
pretty,” but notorious none the less.

Each year, Busch’s provides approximately one million
pounds of fresh food and dairy to Forgotten Harvest. This win-win prevents food
waste and ensures meals for countless food insecure families around the Detroit

 For more on where and how to donate to those in need during the holidays, visit Forgotten Harvest’s website or Busch’s.

Lead photo: Kirk Mayes, Forgotten Harvest CEO, accepts a check from Doug Busch, owner of Busch’s markets





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