Champs worker diagnosed with Hepatitis A

Champs worker diagnosed with Hepatitis A

The Wayne County Department of Health, Veterans and Community Wellness (HVCW) confirmed a case of Hepatitis A in a local restaurant worker, according to an announcement released by the department tonight.

The individual, employed at Champs Rotisserie and Spirits located at 20515 Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe Woods, is not currently working and is receiving medical care.

Champs is working cooperatively with Wayne County HVCW to schedule an employee vaccine clinic.

If you consumed food at Champs between October 10th and 30th, 2017 to watch for symptoms of Hepatitis A which can include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dark urine, clay colored stool, fever, chills, yellow skin and eyes (jaundice).

Symptoms occur between 15 and 50 days after exposure and can last for several weeks to months.

Hepatitis A is a vaccine preventable disease. If given within 14 days of exposure, Hepatitis A vaccine or immunoglobulin can prevent illness. It is recommended that patrons who consumed food, on or after October 20th at Champs Rotisserie and Spirits, receive Hepatitis A vaccine by November 13th, if they have not already been vaccinated.

Special populations such as pregnant women, persons with weakened immune systems, and individuals with liver disease should contact their health care provider regarding the need for both Hepatitis A immunoglobulin (Ig) and vaccine. Exposed children, under the age of one year, should receive Hepatitis A Ig.

Over 480 cases of Hepatitis A have been linked to the regional outbreak in Southeast Michigan since August 1st, 2016. Hepatitis A is spread through contaminated food or water, or close personal contact with an infected person.

The best way to prevent the spread of Hepatitis A is:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water after using the bathroom or changing a diaper
  • Thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water during food preparation and before eating food
  • Avoiding undercooked or raw shellfish
  • Not preparing food for others if you are ill
  • Getting your Hepatitis A vaccine

Wayne County HVCW urges all residents to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A. Vaccine is available at the Wayne County Public Health Clinic located at 33030 Van Born Road in Wayne as well as many clinics and pharmacies.

More information on Hepatitis A is available at or, or call Wayne County Disease Control at 734-727-7078.

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