33rd World Congress on Cardiology & Heart Diseases

33rd World Congress on  Cardiology & Heart Diseases

Dear Team,


Please refer to the mail and acknowledge us with your opinion at Cardiology Congress 2019.


Cardiology Meetings is excited to present a unique opportunity for having your valuable presence at an esteemed event “33rd World Congress on Cardiology & Heart Diseases” amidst November 25-26, 2019 at Rome, Italy under the theme: “Novel Technologies and Innovations in Cardiology”. We have a line-up of renowned speakers presenting their research and views on Cardiology and its related issues, also participants from corners of the world.


We have a proposal to send the clients to participant in our Provisional Conference Cardiology Congress 2019 and also to collaborate with you to gather people throughout the globe to be a part of our esteemed conference and make it successful. So, kindly send us your thoughts to discuss further on this partnership.


Kindly visit our conference website at https://wordpress.com/view/cardilogycongress.wordpress.com


I’ll be waiting for your positive response.



Patricia Lilic

Program Manager

Cardiology Congress 2019



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