Fall Exhibitions at Cranbrook Art Museum

Fall Exhibitions at Cranbrook Art Museum

This November, Cranbrook Art Museum will open three new exhibitions that each have a unique connection to the city of Detroit. Featuring established artists, new talent, and artists with connections to Cranbrook Academy of Art, the trio of exhibitions reinforces the Art Museum’s ongoing commitment to Detroit.

“Over the past seven years Cranbrook Art Museum has been deeply engaged with Detroit through many initiatives and projects,” said Andrew Satake Blauvelt, Director of Cranbrook Art Museum. “We have presented public art installations around the city, hosted thousands of Detroit Public Schools students at the museum, and presented exhibitions and created scholarly publications about Detroit artists while also acquiring their work for our permanent collection. This fall we are underscoring this commitment by showcasing the work of three artists in our main galleries whose work reflects the very deep and diverse talent of our city.”


All exhibitions will be open to the public on November 5, 2022: 


Scott Hocking: Detroit Stories

James Benjamin Franklin: Full Circle

Bakpak Durden: The Eye of Horus

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