Gyane Conference 2019

Aurelius Corporate solution is hosting the “World Congress on Gynecology and Women’s Health” in Rome, Italy during November 21-22, 2019.

We cordially welcome you to attend the “Gynae Conference 2019” which will provide a unique forum for knowledge exchange and sharing of the best practice in the field of gynecology and women’s health research and advancement. We aim to form a bridge and bring together professionals from different domains of biotechnology and clinical research organization, healthcare industry and management, government institutes, hospitals, biotechnological companies such as researchers, analysts, doctors, and business entrepreneurs.

The conference will focus on an understanding of health and disease that has the potential to change the practice of women’s health care. A comprehensive range of topics will be discussed in the event including reproductive health and rights, fertility and infertility, reproductive medicine, ultrasound diagnosis, menstruation, reconstructive surgeries, endometriosis, body mass index, hormonal disorders in female and gynecologic cancers.

This conference provides the best opportunity to draw attention towards women’s health issues ( hormonal disorders, autoimmune disorders, mensuration, menopause, pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease) and offer vital information on risk cancers, warning signs, and prevention strategies, inspire and empower women to make lasting changes for a happy and healthy world. A unique opportunity to meet medical educators, women’s health professionals from all around the globe. Share your ideas, hear the experts insights on women’s health issues, gynecology and re-energize your thoughts and vision with the perfect combination of education.



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