Stefanini Group Hosts “Brick and Mobile” Webinar on Retail Transformation

The Coronavirus crisis has brought up numerous challenges for industries across the board – and that includes retail. The pandemic has accelerated retail changes that were already underway, changing brick and mortar institutions to brick and mobile. From shoppers experimenting with e-commerce and curbside pickup to shifting the items they purchase, the transformation is extensive and the need for digital innovation is at an all time high.

This webinar will discuss new cutting edge technologies that are being used by retailers to deal with COVID-19 along with challenges in delivery and execution of orders.

Speakers will include Stefanini Group’s Global Senior Director Sam Selim and CEO of Mozaiko George Millard. Stefanini Group is a $1 billion global technology company specializing in digital solutions and Mozaiko is a partner company of Stefanini’s that specializes in finding digital shortcuts to solve real world problems and sensor-based analytics solutions.

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