The Great Trickster Championship – Virtual Theatre for Kids

The Great Trickster Championship – Virtual Theatre for Kids

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Theatre and Dance at Wayne and the Believe in Play touring company present: The Great Trickster Championship! The Great Trickster Championship is a 3-episode digital children’s theatre series. The Great Trickster Championship is a silly series that teaches children to appreciate and respect new people and cultures.

The Great Trickster Championship consists of 3 episodes, with episode 1 premiering on June 19. Episode 2 premieres on June 26, and episode 3 premieres on July 3. This show is a free experience for all to view. You can sign up to view the show here. You will receive an email with the link to the show after completing a brief registration. Please note that episode 1 will not be live on the link provided until June 19.


There is a great drought and the entire world is very worried. There’s a legend that there is still water on top of Prankster Mountain, but a grumpy god named Shango protects it and will only let the wittiest and cleverest pass. So, six of the world’s greatest tricksters climb Prankster Mountain to bring back water for their villages.

Juan Pusong from the Philippines, Loki from Norway, Eshu from Nigeria, Kuma Lisa from Bulgaria, Nanabozho from Michigamme, and Anansi from Ghana all come to climb Prankster Mountain but when they run into Shango he whisks them all away to participate in a competition to prove which of them is worthy of his water. Let the Great Trickster Championship commence!

We are committed to making this TYA experience as accessible as possible. We are providing subtitles and ASL interpretations in each episode. We will also be providing an indicator for when a loud sound will occur to help be more sensory-friendly. We will also be releasing technical viewing necessities and options for individuals without easy internet access.

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