Former stadium site will host bedrooms, businesses and new ball field

Former stadium site will host bedrooms, businesses and new ball field

Detroit’s historic ball field will soon boast bedrooms and businesses as a result of a $4.375 million Michigan Strategic Fund loan.

With the funding, a few lucky Detroiters will have the opportunity to move into the 111 multifamily units scheduled for development and shop at small, locally-owned businesses located in the 26,000 square feet of planned commercial space in Corktown neighborhood.

Planners say they want the commercial space to look and feel like the surrounding neighborhood. In an effort to attract neighborhood-based businesses, 60 percent of the commercial space has been set aside for affordable rent for Detroit-based businesses.

Detroit LISC is among financers of the $27.3 million vision that is projected to create 380 jobs and neighborhood resources, including a new $20 million Detroit Police Athletic League headquarters.

Detroit LISC’s Executive Director Tahirih Ziegler sees promise in the historic Tiger Stadium site plans, which her organization helped fund. More than 380 new jobs are anticipated to come from the development.

“LISC has been committed to the development of the historical site and project for a long time,” says Tahirih Ziegler, executive director of Detroit LISC. “The project is located in one of LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities neighborhoods and is part of the neighborhood’s Quality of Life Plan. It has a strong development team and is part of a strong collaborative effort among community development financial institutions, private investors, the Michigan Strategic Fund, and the city.”

Bloomfield Hills-based Larson Realty Group LLC will develop the project, which is designed to connect downtown Detroit and the neighborhood along a major corridor.

For future ball players, the news couldn’t be better. A bonus to Detroit youth, LISC’s grant will help build a new synthetic football field to be used by about 3,400 student athletes and 1,500 cheerleaders associated with 26 football programs.


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