Trendy Fort Street Galley food hall featuring winning chefs comes to Detroit this fall

Trendy Fort Street Galley food hall featuring winning chefs comes to Detroit this fall

Sometimes you want a unique delicacy from a master chef, but you just can’t make a decision. The upcoming food hall, Fort Street Galley, will ease that entirety for Detroit diner.

The Galley will be located 160 W. Fort St. in a 9,000-sq.-ft. space.

In a food hall a small collection of chefs make food and people eat it communally at tables.

A food hall is like a food court, but for foodies. A small collection of chefs make food, and people eat it communally at tables.

Given the increase of savvy eaters in Detroit over the last few years, it is no surprise less conventional dining is expected to flourish here.

Fort Street will offer a low-risk and low-cost opportunity for chefs to experiment with new – even radical – recipes, and give the people a chance to taste them.

The food hall looked at more than 50 chef applicants, eventually settling on four. However, the rest of Detroit’s experimental chefs may have an opportunity, as chefs will be switched out on a regular basis.

.The first four were decided by local judges, from eight finalists, they include:

  • Michael Goldberg and Katie Nelson – This is a homecoming for Goldberg, after having travelled the country perfecting his craft. It was after a trip to Tel Aviv that he realized his passions belonged with sandwiches. While at Sheldon Standard, he partnered with Nelson, a sous chef. With all ingredients homemade, they bring a personal touch to their sandwiches, small plates, and entrees that include Middle Eastern cuisine, Cuban sandwiches and pork belly poutine.
  • Isla from Chefs JP Garcia and Jacqueline DiñoThis husband-and-wife team combine the always impressive French cooking with their Filipino heritage. Dishes like noodle dishes, stews, small bites such as lumpia, the traditional Filipino egg roll, are meant to evoke a feel of a cultural melting pot. Specifically by combing the traditional with the modern.
  • Lucky’s Noble BBQ from Chefs Jimmy Schmidt and Brian Recor – Celebrated and award-winning chef, restaurateur and innovator Jimmy Schmidt is teaming up with his long-time colleague and friend, Chef Brian Recor, for an exciting return to Detroit’s dining scene. The two have worked together for more than 18 years, several of which were dedicated to perfecting Lucky’s Noble BBQ, a delicious, nutritious, and sustainable take on the classic barbecue we all love. Between Schmidt’s experience in food science and technology and Recor’s dedication to working directly with farmers and sustainable ingredients, the two have prepared a cuisine “you’ll love and that’ll love you back.” Utilizing only the best Wagyu Beef, Lucky’s Noble BBQ comes alive when rubbed with Lucky’s Lucky Spice Blend, then smoked low and slow, providing an unparalleled fork tender texture and rich umami flavor. In addition to these BBQ crowned sandwiches and salads, the menu will explore the flavors of BBQ captured in creative main plates featuring Noble Fish & Wagyu Beef, framed by seasonal noble vegetable small plates, protein-rich ice cream shakes, local artisan beef, brats and dogs.
  • Pursue from Chef Mike Han – Mike Han is a sushi chef who has worked in top Japanese restaurants around the country from Katsuya in LA, to Roka Akor in Chicago, and Zuma in Miami. Han was the opening chef of Mayanoki, one of The Village Voice’s “New York City’s Best New Restaurants“ in 2017. It was there that he first explored high-end sushi with a focus on sustainable American seafood. Han returns home to Detroit to pursue seasonal American ingredients with Korean flavor using Japanese techniques. Pursue is about discovery, and the menu will change with the seasons as Han works to create food that will make himself and others both happy and healthy. Vegans, vegetarians, sushi and sashimi-lovers will be delighted by Korean-inspired dishes that are good for you and the planet.

The chefs will be given what they need to create and develop their new food. They will be provided a fully built-out kitchen of their own, front of house staff, and other needed elements for food prep. They will have the option to really create.

The Fort Street Galley will be located 160 W. Fort St. and in a 9,000-sq.-ft. space.

Fort Street will come to Detroit by way of the Galley Group, which was founded by Ben Mantica and Tyler Benson in Pittsburgh. Part of it was to give chefs a chance to grow and experiment in a low-risk environment, but also to give the people something they once had.

As Navy veterans, they had both developed an appreciation for exotic food and a familiarity with communal dining. This they have brought to the public.

Detroit’s Fort Street will be one of the duo’s first outside of Pittsburgh, with a Cleveland Gallery also in the works.

Fort Street Galley is expected to open this fall and will serve lunch, brunch and dinner, along with a lively bar program.

The space is designed by Kyle Evans Design.

Please continue to check and follow @fortstreetgalley on Instagram for additional updates and information.

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