Wayne State students’ fashion designs to be showcased at ‘Bound by a Common Thread’ May 11

Wayne State students’ fashion designs to be showcased at ‘Bound by a Common Thread’ May 11

The fashion industry is growing in Detroit. In fact, you might say it is racing along.

That will be very evident at the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association’s (AARDA) 19th annual spring fundraiser “Bound by a Common Thread” on May 11.

Marcelli is being honored with the 2019 AARDA Champion Award for driving autoimmune awareness down new roads and reaching new audiences.

Highlighting the event will be a “Fast Fashion” fashion show featuring the work of four students in the Wayne State University Fashion Design & Merchandising program. In addition, AARDA will present champion race car driver Kyle Marcelli with its 2019 AARDA Champion Award. The award is given to individuals or organizations who have championed the mission of AARDA to eradicate autoimmune disease.

“Bound by a Common Thread” will be held at the Detroit Athletic Club and includes lunch, a silent auction and access to the fashion show. Tickets are $110 or $135 and can be purchased online until Friday, May 10. Visit aarda.org or call (586) 776-3900 to learn more.

The event gives the four Wayne State students the opportunity to show off their work and do some networking. The students are Gauri Jaiman, Kelsey Tucker, Amber Walker and Mason Williams

Amber Walker wants to stay in Detroit when she graduates and use her talents to expand the industry here.

Walker says participating in the show gives her the chance to help a charity and promote her work. She has wanted to design clothing since she was a little girl dressing up in beautiful clothes.

“My grandma would take me shopping and I decided I wanted to make these beautiful things,” Walker says. “I want to make people feel good about themselves because when I get dressed up it makes me feel good about myself. When they put my clothes on I want them to will feel the same way.”

A junior at Wayne, she wants to stay in Detroit when she graduates and help bring more of the fashion industry. She is currently a seamstress @DO Apparel in Dearborn.

Here is one of the designs she will show off at the event.

Gauri Jaiman is also a Fashion Design and Merchandising student who is pursuing her undergraduate degree at Wayne. Below is one of her designs. The lead picture on this page is also one of her designs.

Kelsey Tucker is a senior at Wayne. In 2016 she and her sister founded their own high-fashion street-wear brand called Deviate. Here’s a look at one of her designs.

Mason Williams is a junior at Wayne State University with experience in garment construction, printing, dyeing, illustration and flat patterning. He is primarily interested in menswear.

Marcelli is being honored for driving autoimmune awareness down new roads, reaching new audiences. Since 2016, he has lent his name and celebrity to bring greater attention to the trailblazing work of autoimmune organizations, including AARDA, Race for RP, and the Allegheny Health Network Autoimmunity Institute. He has participated in numerous awareness-raising and fund-raising events and projects, and raced with the logos of autoimmune organizations emblazoned on his race helmet, race suit and winning vehicles.

“There are more than 100 autoimmune diseases affecting one in every five Americans and currently zero cures,” says AARDA President and Executive Director Virginia T. Ladd. “Awareness continues to be a priority for earlier diagnosis and treatment. We are thankful for all that Kyle has done over the years to make an impact.”


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